repeat after me: i am a sexy bitch and no one ruins my 2014

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friendly reminder that this is a personal blog and i will post whatever i want/however much or little as i want and if i annoy you, you can unfollow me because this is just a website and i don’t take any of this seriously :)

droppedandpoked unfollow me 

gonna paint my nails black to get into the spring spirit 

i don’t really understand why my parents would tell me i’m ugly because they’re basically criticizing their own creation lol

how do my parents expect me to do things with my life if i’m not allowed to do things 

everyone knows i have anger issues yet they still aggravate me wtf 

my sister just complimented me

world about to end 

Anonymous asked:
Will you then maybe release which state you're going to college in? Are you leaving home?

why do you wanna know??? you’re scaring me anon 

low quality selfies ft. my collarbone